There are a wide variety of applications for accurate indoor positioning.? A few of the ones we have been exploring are described below:



Don’t bother with bulky maps or cryptic directories anymore!? Immediately find where you are located on a floorplan and receive navigation instructions to exactly where you want to go – whether that’s a store, a friend, or even a particular shirt.


Object Tagging

See something interesting in a building?? Tag it for later, or share it with your friends!? Centimeter-scale precision allows for accurate recording of locations for objects such as retail items, pictures, events, and more.


Social Meetups

Find your people with ease!? After accepting a friendship request, you can view your friends’ locations and easily meet each other.? Don’t know anyone in the area yet? Search for local meetups and find people with similar interests!? Sharing of your location is optional and can be disabled at any time.



Real time monitoring allows for powerful analytics such as crowd monitoring and visitor flow.